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The Walrus and the Alligator are concerned about the Ant Eater’s recent weight gain

The Ant Eater started eating whole colonies at once. It was worrying. The Walrus of course was hardly the person to comment on someone’s recent weight gain so he kept it to himself. The Alligator wanted to eat him. Because … Continue reading

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At around three A.M. we started building. We had the wheels and gearshifts from a dozen bikes, a whole spool of gauge six wire, and the pointless determination of the casually mad.

It sat in the middle of Jonny’s bedroom. We’d pushed his mattress up against one wall and carefully moved each of his army of terra cotta peace activists to the kitchen. A single bulb hung there, casting a Gandhi-shaped shadow into the room.

I sat down and began to pedal. It was fast at first, but as the wire wound around the spool, the strain on my legs became intense. It felt like the first time I had biked to the top of Holy Hill, back when I had just quit smoking and was out of shape. Hanna aimed the harpoon and took stock of the wind. Jonny stood, salivating, wrapped in a parachute we’d reclaimed from the dump.

“Let go, Jonas!” Hanna shouted, and I dove off the seat.
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Grendel’s Revenge

Grendel’s Revenge was a game that I used to work on as a designer, programmer and game master. Plus, check out this cool back story I wrote for it: http://grendelsrevenge.skotos.net:2080/bin/help?node=$help_backstory

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