On Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Politics

Over at Daily Kos, Devilstower has an interesting and well written post using Sci Fi and Fantasy as a metaphor for religion and politics:

Back in Babylon, Marduk started out as a smaller part of the pantheon, but over time his role was rewritten to include powers and stories that had once belonged to other mythic figures. He even got the credit for founding Babylon and building the ziggurat — something that had been done through the very human sweat and toil of the Bablylonians’ ancestors. Similarly, modern fantasists have rewritten the history of the United States, creating founders in their own image and forgetting the reality. They’ve created a country that was founded on the free market out of one that was founded in opposition to the free market, a country dedicated to a rigid and limited government out of one where government was always a flexible ongoing experiment, and a country dedicated to a subset of Christianity out of a nation where that view of Christianity did not even exist. Just because conservatives look backwards, it doesn’t mean they’re not creative.


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Best TV moment of last year

Here it is, from One Tree Hill:

One Tree Hill OMG moment

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New York return flight scheduled

I’ll be returning to New York from Florida on Dec. 29th.

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Riverwest Currents Articles

Some of my articles that were published in the Riverwest Currents are available online:




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Grendel’s Revenge

Grendel’s Revenge was a game that I used to work on as a designer, programmer and game master.

Plus, check out this cool back story I wrote for it:


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All the Time in the World

All the Time in the World by Julian Blackmore and Jason Hart

Julian Blackmore and I wrote this song last year as part of the Graduate Musical Theatre Program at Tisch.

Book and Lyrics: Jason Hart

Music: Julian Blackmore

Performed by Aaron Jones

Delivery Person: Julian Blackmore

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Paris Business Review videos on Youtube

Check out these (old) videos made by my (old) sketch comedy group, The Paris Business Review


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The Smell of Fresh Water

Third Coast Digest published my short story “The Smell of Fresh Water“.

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Satan’s Private Washroom Artwork by Lauryl Sulfate

My good friend Lauryl Sulfate just sent me an illustration for Satan’s Private Washroom.

Satan’s Private Washroom is a one act musical with book and lyrics by me and music by Jon Balcourt. We’re currently in pre-production on a video version of it.

Enjoy the amazing artwork!

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