Lauryl Sulfate on Scott Walker

Lauryl Sulfate lets it all out about Walker:

Actually, this brings me perfectly back around to what I think I want to say about Walker, and the one thing that maybe hasn’t been said enough yet about him, or his odious bill. Because Walker is completely in line with this hypocritical, dangerous and immoral worldview. Yes, I say immoral, and I mean it without hyperbole. He is willing to let poor women go without access, (either through Planned Parenthood or through Badgercare) to regular health exams, cancer screenings, prenatal care, STD treatment, or birth control, all because of a dogmatic religious belief system that doesn’t even hold water against facts or reason.

I’d like to know. I mean, I really, really want Scott Walker to stand in front of me and look me in the face and tell me: how does denying poor women basic health care save Wisconsin money? How does removing the requirement that insurance companies cover the pill save the state of Wisconsin any money? How do untreated STDs, cancers detected too late to cure, unplanned pregnancies and high infant-mortality rates save Wisconsin money? Oh yeah, I know how: THEY DON’T.

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