I review Sweeney Todd (1 of ?)

Sweeney Todd DVD

Sweeney Todd

I am reviewing Todd. For now.

This Todd. Not this abomination.

The prologue to Todd: I am terrified. This is a dead man. A dead man speaks to me from his grave. This is the blackest of horror.

Todd’s face: corpselike, Tombstone-like. Do you remember that character Tombstone? From Marvel Comics? He was a spider-man villain?

Tombstone was dead. That was his gimmick. You couldn’t hurt him: he was dead. Nothing could hurt him. Bullets? No. Dead. Knives? No. Dead.

Dynamite? No. Dead. Dinosaurs. No. Dead. Nuclear fucking bombs? No. Dead. A goddamn Protoss Mothership? No. Fucking Dead.

Tombstone is dead. You can’t hurt him. And he looks just like Sweeney Todd. You Can’t Hurt a Dead Man.

I am terrified.

Part Two.

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3 Responses to I review Sweeney Todd (1 of ?)

  1. Lauryl Sulfate says:

    Did I ever show you this?


    Sweeney Todd with Angela Lansbury and George Hern is one of my all time favorite things.

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