I Review Sweeney Todd (Part 3 of ?)

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The young man: I have saved your life and seen into your eyes and I wish to heal you. I respect you now, Eggdrew. Nurse.

I cry for you, Todd. London the pit. The pits. It’s the pits. Bits to bits. Grits its teeth and bites you, Todd. Fights you, Todd. Drives you beneath, Todd.

She was beautiful. Did she succumb? Now I am the young man. And I must leave, to be fucked like Todd was fucked. And Todd was really, really fucked.

You think you’ve been fucked? Fuck no. Not like Todd.

Now I am Todd, old, alone, used like a rag to wipe black brown shit off a toilet. I hurt.

There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit and it’s filled with people who are filled with shit and the people of the world inhabit it. I am turning. To the dark side.

Me/Anthony/Luke Skywalker: You are not my father. Darth Vader/Sweeney Todd: I am your father, but symbolically, not real-like.

Me: Ok. Well. I guess I’ll turn to the dark side then. Darth Vader: Here is your cape, son.

Darth Vader 1, Luke Skywalker 0.

Angela Landsbury is Mrs. Lovett. Accept no substitutions. Just watch her play. She dances at acting. To see her on stage is to see her perform ballet.

Where are we? Annie? Isn’t this that song from Annie where she dreams about her parents?

And I’m telling you that pussycats is quick. This line deserves a laugh, but there isn’t enough space. Angela plays it well. Too bad there isn’t enough space in the score.

We get to laugh at everything at the end. Til then we are roped along, no time to think, like Todd is, somehow in awe of Mrs. Lovett.

She is the first woman he sees in England, and, he is a man. An old man.

And she knows him. A proper artist with a knife. Barker, his name was.

Benjamin Barker.

I am terrified.

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