I Review Fashion Week (Part 2 of 2)

The train car behind me is an aquarium and a fish looks back at me, his fish eyes staring right into mine.

But this is a fish. There’s no soul there. And then I realize it might be more.

Perhaps behind his fish eyes, there is a man.

I just finished watching March of the Penguins.

Go watch it.

Penguins love.

And have families.

I have a family, but it isn’t here. It’s in Beertown and Crabtown and Naples.

Naples, FL.

What I realize about the people on the Upper West Side is that these are the people who go to Naples.

Naples, FL.

I’ve seen them there. Do these people go to Fashion Week?

I think they know about it but don’t go.

It’s fun, but they don’t go.

The people that go to Fashion Week are the people that go to Naples.

Italy. Naples, Italy. More specifically Capri. I am up.

The water is a ghost there and there is only one road and it has no sidewalks and it only goes one way: Up. I am up.

Up is where my house will be.

On Capri.

Enjoy Fashion Week.

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