The Ninja Politics of Nick Kane!

Not this kind of ninja politics.

God bless Nick Kane. Maybe you guys didn’t catch him on Community, but I did. He was in a scene with Chevy Chase. That’s awesome.

The first day I met Nick Kane was when he razor scootered into auditions for the Paris Business Review, my old sketch comedy group.

He didn’t walk in. Nick Kane would never stoop to walk in to a room when he could skip, cartwheel or razor scoot instead. He razor scooted into our auditions. His pants were made from brown and green felt, and he was wearing a tweed jacket. I think the elbows had patches.

We’d set up a round table in the middle of the room, because our idea was really that people could just sit down and get to know one another and see if our comic sensibilities matched. I met some cool people that day, many of whom are still my friends, and the cosmic clown Nick Kane was among them, but he never sat down.

He only razor scooted. In circles and circles around the table. And he never stopped talking.

I don’t understand a thing he does, but I love it.

Ok, enough kissing his ass, here’s his latest film, from Stickman Films:

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