Creepy Weird Halloween: “Situation: Halloween – Where is my ghost?”

Now I have for you one of the greatest terrors of life: fear of a lost child. It’s easy to lose track of loved ones in a crowd.

Has my Billy been trapped on the Ferris Wheel? Did he try to walk the wrong way up an escalator? Did he fall while skiing and smash his head? Is he face down in the snow, unconscious, even now? That happened to me once.

Situation: Ski Slopes. Where is Billy?

Everything is empty and cold. No one has seen him for hours. The hot chocolate we made for him when we thought he was coming back soon is now cold.

Where is Billy? If only some brave company were to come along and sell us a product that would find our lost boy. What? You say such a company exists? You say it’s the Brick House Security company. Well, damn the cost! My child is missing.

Primal fear.

Huzzah! We are saved by a silly looking remote control that makes sounds like Beaker from The Muppets.

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