Creepy Weird Halloween: “Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance – 1929″

You have been diagnosed with Bonus Eruptus.

Some of the early Disney cartoons are just beautiful, are they not?

I wish Disney was not a copyright-mad megalomaniacal corporation, because it really has produced some beautiful work.

Today I bring you the first and best of the Silly Symphonies, “The Skeleton Dance”, from 1929. This was my favorite Halloween video as a child. My sister and my parents and I watched it once, wrapped up in popcorn smells and ABC Sunday night.

I remember the robot costume my Mom made me when I was five. It was blue and made of fabric and had red dials on the front. I loved that costume. Thanks, Mom.

This is Halloween. Creepy, weird, no doubt, but also the one night when we can be ourselves. We werewolves, vampires, cops and robbers. I was also a cop for Halloween in first grade, and my best friend was chained to my ankle. He was a robber. I was never happier.

Halloween is the only night we don’t wear masks.

Enjoy the dancing skeletons:

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Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance – 1929

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