Creepy Weird Halloween: “Halloween and its Origin with the Druids”

Is this woman they're sacrificing wearing high heels? What year is this supposed to be?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Some people just don’t like Halloween.

Can’t you get down with just one night of demons and human sacrifices? No one is going to sacrifice you. Druids only sacrifice virgins. Oh.

This guy might get sacrificed after all.

I watched a lot of these “Secret Origins of Halloween” videos to find one that was short and entertaining. Most of them aren’t even watchable. This one is:

My favorite moment is at 0:24, when the ghost flies by and a voice says, “Fly…” for some reason. Yeah, I already know ghosts can fly, guy.

The moment at 0:48 with the witch and the word, “Treats” is pretty awesome too.

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