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A thing was on the TV last night?

Stop watching that crap, guys. World War III is starting. Over in the Ukraine. When you pay credence to the culture of distraction exemplified by marketing events disguised as awards shows, you allow yourself to be removed politically. Without political … Continue reading

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I review Boardwalk Empire (1/x)

About Boardwalk Empire I say, “Meh.” After three episodes, I haven’t seen a real female character, but I have seen a lot of adolescent male fantasy and blowjobs. I say, “Meh.” I mean, for the most part, you can say … Continue reading

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Sneak peak of the new Venture Brothers episode!

I’m really hoping for a Molotov Cocktease appearance in this episode.

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance – 1929″

Some of the early Disney cartoons are just beautiful, are they not? I wish Disney was not a copyright-mad megalomaniacal corporation, because it really has produced some beautiful work. Today I bring you the first and best of the Silly … Continue reading

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Carol Burnett sings, “Not Getting Married”

Carol Burnett gets maybe the maximum number of laughs possible in this song, although she can’t really handle the singing:

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Mr. T Hawks Gold on Bloomberg TV – Redonk

Mr. T’s father told him that it takes a smart man to play dumb. So, he decides to convince uninformed people to sell gold at rock-bottom prices to the giant gold accumulators, who then melt it down and resell it … Continue reading

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“I’m Crushing Your Head” as retold by UCB in the style of Quentin Tarantino

Here’s the original: Here’s the Upright Citizen Brigades version, as if retold by Quentin Tarantino: The original, is, of course, infinitely better.

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Simpsons Intro made by Banksy

It gets good at 0:37. Banksy is clearly of the Michael Moore school of giving his enemies enough rope to hang themselves with.

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Krusty the Klown and Steven Sondheim

Send in the Clowns! First, listen to the great Krusty the Klown sing it: Then watch THE master teach it:

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Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn on SNL

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