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I Review FreeMarket

FreeMarket. Imagine Facebook, if you lived there. It is the future. You live on a giant floating metal donut near Titan. All food and drink are free. You cannot die, because little robots will find your corpse and rebuild a … Continue reading

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “F.A.T.A.L. Original Theme Song”

Warning: Just about everything here is NSFMM, Not Safe For My Mom. Mom, don’t read this or watch the video. I really hope you don’t know what F.A.T.A.L. is. I pray to Thor you do not know what F.A.T.A.L. is. … Continue reading

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Parasite website has launched.

Website for the Starcraft II map I worked on has launched: Parasite for Starcraft II.

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Parasite for Starcraft II released

Parasite, the Starcraft II custom map that I have been working on, has been released. Currently it’s sitting in the number 20 spot for top maps and has over 100,000 plays per day!

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Grendel’s Revenge

Grendel’s Revenge was a game that I used to work on as a designer, programmer and game master. Plus, check out this cool back story I wrote for it:$help_backstory

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