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Simpsons Intro made by Banksy

It gets good at 0:37. Banksy is clearly of the Michael Moore school of giving his enemies enough rope to hang themselves with.

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New Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

Whatever psychedelic comic book genius makes Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, he posted a new one:

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Krusty the Klown and Steven Sondheim

Send in the Clowns! First, listen to the great Krusty the Klown sing it: Then watch THE master teach it:

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Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn on SNL

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Andy from The Office is in Sweeney Todd

On the latest episode of The Office, Andy lands a part in Sweeney Todd:

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“Not Getting Married Today.”

Performed by masters: Then taught to students by THE master:

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Steven Sondheim teaches Sweeney Todd

I am so glad this video exists:

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My Immortal reading

The long-beloved dramatic reading of My Immortal, the best Harry Potter / Vampire fanfic is available online:

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I write a song (1/1)

Started: 10/09/2010 4:48 PM. “Fight’n and Kiss’n” SILAS, to JENNA My folk’re fearless and forgiving. They’ll speak and then’ll they listen. I mean what’s really the point of living, If the fights ain’t go no kissin’? Current time is: 10/09/2010 … Continue reading

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I review the Venture Brothers. (3/?)

I review the Venture Brothers: Part One Part Two Part Three “Are You There God, It’s Me, Dean”, episode nine of the Venture Brothers, is the episode that grew the show its beard. Here it is: Jackson Publick and Doc … Continue reading

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