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A thing was on the TV last night?

Stop watching that crap, guys. World War III is starting. Over in the Ukraine. When you pay credence to the culture of distraction exemplified by marketing events disguised as awards shows, you allow yourself to be removed politically. Without political … Continue reading

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Arrested for singing in Wisconsin: Why we need to remove money from politics

As you can see, the first amendment rights of freedom of assembly and free speech are no longer respected by Governor Scott Walker or the State of Wisconsin. This is the deplorable state we have fallen to. We are being … Continue reading

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The University Blues Band

Hey check it out, my Dad’s old band:

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Riverwest Currents Clips

Here are some clips from when I wrote for the Riverwest Currents.

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Shepherd Express Clips

Here are some clips from when I wrote for the Shepherd Express.

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Books On Tape (On Tape)

In honor of the imminent flood and Rapture, I recorded my short story Books on Tape on tape. Enjoy! Books On Tape (On Tape)

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The Walrus and the Alligator are concerned about the Ant Eater’s recent weight gain

The Ant Eater started eating whole colonies at once. It was worrying. The Walrus of course was hardly the person to comment on someone’s recent weight gain so he kept it to himself. The Alligator wanted to eat him. Because … Continue reading

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May Day Website Launched!

The website for my new musical May Day has launched! Check it out today!

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Redonkadorable: Puppytimes

I don’t know what the breed is, stop asking! And here is Maximus, the worlds best puppy. Accept no substitutes. Maximus can be found at the Daily Puppy. The Daily Puppy is a real thing. Its just day after day … Continue reading

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Lauryl Sulfate on Scott Walker

Lauryl Sulfate lets it all out about Walker: Actually, this brings me perfectly back around to what I think I want to say about Walker, and the one thing that maybe hasn’t been said enough yet about him, or his … Continue reading

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