A thing was on the TV last night?

I prefer the Milky Way.

Stop watching that crap, guys. World War III is starting. Over in the Ukraine.

When you pay credence to the culture of distraction exemplified by marketing events disguised as awards shows, you allow yourself to be removed politically. Without political involvement by the people, we aren’t going to get change.

TV is a problem. Entertainment is a problem. Entertainment is the enemy of an engaged and active mind. And entertainment is a tool used to contain and control.

I’ll go out on a limb here, and as someone who has spent much of life being an entertainer please understand how difficult this is for me to say, but entertainment is as bad for a person as drugs or eating poorly is.

When you kick the habit of being entertained, and instead build the virtue of being informed, it’s like going on a diet or kicking heroin. But you also see the world from a different perspective, a truer perspective.

And the most important thing you realize is that YOU ARE NOT A SPECTATOR. Events like the Oscars and TV in general teach us that we are only observers, that we do not participate in decisions in the world.

Well, the world is in crisis. And we need more participation. Try to wean yourself off of entertainment and on to information. It will be painful at first, like starting a new exercise routine or kicking heroin, but it will make you a better person.

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