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Photographs of Jesus

This beautiful film was made by Laurie Hill using images from the Getty Archives:

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “Closet Door Fail”

The terror, now, of a child’s death. Your child. Crushed. By a door. A collapsed door that snapped her spine. Your child is dead. Only seconds ago she was a delightful rainbow of energy. And she cavorted in her girlishness, … Continue reading

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Creepy Weird Halloween – “Single Ladies Fail”

. This one: . More Creepy Weird Halloween: Star Wars representado con dibujos tradicionales mexicanos. Rand Paul Curb Stomp Creepy Weird Halloween: “Japan sea monster” Closet Door Fail – Post #666! Single Ladies Fail Zalgo Silly Symphony – The Skeleton … Continue reading

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I review Boardwalk Empire (1/x)

About Boardwalk Empire I say, “Meh.” After three episodes, I haven’t seen a real female character, but I have seen a lot of adolescent male fantasy and blowjobs. I say, “Meh.” I mean, for the most part, you can say … Continue reading

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Creepy Weird Halloween: Zalgo

According to Wikipedia, Zalgo does not exist. I hope that it is so. But YouTube, less vigilant against cosmic horror than the encyclopedia of Jimmy Wales, has been corrupted. Zalgo: Are you sure Zalgo does not exist? I do not … Continue reading

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I write a song: “Laundry” draft 1

Started, 4:22 PM 10/20/2010 Oh my god I need to do the laundry oh my god I need to clean my room oh my god I need to write I need to write I need to write I need to … Continue reading

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Sneak peak of the new Venture Brothers episode!

I’m really hoping for a Molotov Cocktease appearance in this episode.

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance – 1929″

Some of the early Disney cartoons are just beautiful, are they not? I wish Disney was not a copyright-mad megalomaniacal corporation, because it really has produced some beautiful work. Today I bring you the first and best of the Silly … Continue reading

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “F.A.T.A.L. Original Theme Song”

Warning: Just about everything here is NSFMM, Not Safe For My Mom. Mom, don’t read this or watch the video. I really hope you don’t know what F.A.T.A.L. is. I pray to Thor you do not know what F.A.T.A.L. is. … Continue reading

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Creepy Weird Halloween: “Situation: Halloween – Where is my ghost?”

Now I have for you one of the greatest terrors of life: fear of a lost child. It’s easy to lose track of loved ones in a crowd. Has my Billy been trapped on the Ferris Wheel? Did he try … Continue reading

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