A thing was on the TV last night?

I prefer the Milky Way.

Stop watching that crap, guys. World War III is starting. Over in the Ukraine.

When you pay credence to the culture of distraction exemplified by marketing events disguised as awards shows, you allow yourself to be removed politically. Without political involvement by the people, we aren’t going to get change.

TV is a problem. Entertainment is a problem. Entertainment is the enemy of an engaged and active mind. And entertainment is a tool used to contain and control.

I’ll go out on a limb here, and as someone who has spent much of life being an entertainer please understand how difficult this is for me to say, but entertainment is as bad for a person as drugs or eating poorly is.

When you kick the habit of being entertained, and instead build the virtue of being informed, it’s like going on a diet or kicking heroin. But you also see the world from a different perspective, a truer perspective.

And the most important thing you realize is that YOU ARE NOT A SPECTATOR. Events like the Oscars and TV in general teach us that we are only observers, that we do not participate in decisions in the world.

Well, the world is in crisis. And we need more participation. Try to wean yourself off of entertainment and on to information. It will be painful at first, like starting a new exercise routine or kicking heroin, but it will make you a better person.

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Arrested for singing in Wisconsin: Why we need to remove money from politics

As you can see, the first amendment rights of freedom of assembly and free speech are no longer respected by Governor Scott Walker or the State of Wisconsin. This is the deplorable state we have fallen to. We are being stripped daily of our constitutional rights and it must stop.

Now the political dissidents are being arrested, one by one, as the details of the government security apparatus are being revealed. We must break Walker’s grip on Wisconsin. Walker is a bought and sold stooge of the corporate elites, funded by the Koch brothers and bad for Wisconsin, bad for the nation.

The first amendment guarantees:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Read that carefully: no law shall be made that restricts the right of people to peaceably assemble. This is a peaceable assembly. It cannot be restricted – that’s what the constitution says. All of these arrests are illegal and unconstitutional.

Bad Scott Walker. Bad!

This is scary, folks; very scary. We’re deep in the hole of stripped rights. Occupy was destroyed in a similar way – a coordinated nationwide crackdown on peaceable assembly. We cannot allow the government to take our rights in this way. We must rise up as a people and demand that it not be so.

When the government ceases to work for the people it is the duty of the people to replace the government. I say this government does not work for the people, not one part of it: not the governors, not the congress, not the president, not the supreme court. And it is our duty, as Americans, to replace them all.

We must hold a constitutional convention and there write a new constitution: one that places the people above the corporations and the political elites. It is our right as citizens to do this, and we will do it. We will start by passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and to go even further – to remove all money from politics.

Only when money is removed from politics will we again have democracy in this nation. Only with publicly funded elections can the public be served by the government. Remove money from politics, and America will once again be a government for the people, by the people.

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The University Blues Band

Hey check it out, my Dad’s old band:

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Riverwest Currents Clips

Here are some clips from when I wrote for the Riverwest Currents.

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Shepherd Express Clips

Here are some clips from when I wrote for the Shepherd Express.

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Books On Tape (On Tape)

More like King in Smell-ow, am i right guys?

In honor of the imminent flood and Rapture, I recorded my short story Books on Tape on tape.

Enjoy! :)

Books On Tape (On Tape)

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The Walrus and the Alligator are concerned about the Ant Eater’s recent weight gain

The Ant Eater started eating whole colonies at once.

It was worrying.

The Walrus of course was hardly the person to comment on someone’s recent weight gain so he kept it to himself.

The Alligator wanted to eat him. Because he just kept getting so big, so fat and juicy on those squishy ant colonies.

That’s a strange thing, to want to eat your friend.

I mean, the Ant Eater once saved her life, when she’d been trapped under that fallen Elephant, the Ant Eater had reached her snout in and managed, actually managed, to pull her out with it.

That’s impressive snouting.

And now she looks like dinner.

Difficult situation.

The Walrus had always been large, and frankly, the Walrus had always kind of looked like dinner to the Alligator, but a Walrus is a formidable foe. And the Walrus wasn’t just any Walrus. He was kind of a berserker.

He’d lost an ear in a fight with a Sea Lion. Don’t even look at the back of the left side of his head. It looks like someone sewed new skin on there, its so torn up.

But he’d won that fight. That Sea Lion is dead now.

Don’t fuck with the Walrus.

The Walrus decided to buckle down and say something.

They were, of course, hanging out by another ant colony.

Where the Ant Eater had dragged them, because he couldn’t even go two hours without eating Ants.

Not like the Walrus and the Alligator are aquatic animals, and they didn’t go out of their way to go up on dry land just to hang out with their friend or anything. I mean, hey, if I’m coming to hang out with you, I don’t want to just watch you eat ants all the time. You’re killing yourself.

You’re killing yourself, that’s what he said.

That’s what he found himself saying.

And the Ant Eater looked bad: bloated, pale, just rolled out in the dirt covered in Ants. Ants, Ants, Ants, that’s all he ever talked about.

It was sad.


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May Day Website Launched!

May Day

The website for my new musical May Day has launched! Check it out today!

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Redonkadorable: Puppytimes

I don’t know what the breed is, stop asking!

And here is Maximus, the worlds best puppy. Accept no substitutes.

Maximus can be found at the Daily Puppy.

The Daily Puppy is a real thing. Its just day after day of puppies. Its like porn for your soul.

As I wind closer and closer to the end of my script, I find increasingly more complex ways to stall myself.

Its a fear that I’ve always had: finishing.

But I’m working on it. Puppies help.

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Lauryl Sulfate on Scott Walker

Lauryl Sulfate lets it all out about Walker:

Actually, this brings me perfectly back around to what I think I want to say about Walker, and the one thing that maybe hasn’t been said enough yet about him, or his odious bill. Because Walker is completely in line with this hypocritical, dangerous and immoral worldview. Yes, I say immoral, and I mean it without hyperbole. He is willing to let poor women go without access, (either through Planned Parenthood or through Badgercare) to regular health exams, cancer screenings, prenatal care, STD treatment, or birth control, all because of a dogmatic religious belief system that doesn’t even hold water against facts or reason.

I’d like to know. I mean, I really, really want Scott Walker to stand in front of me and look me in the face and tell me: how does denying poor women basic health care save Wisconsin money? How does removing the requirement that insurance companies cover the pill save the state of Wisconsin any money? How do untreated STDs, cancers detected too late to cure, unplanned pregnancies and high infant-mortality rates save Wisconsin money? Oh yeah, I know how: THEY DON’T.

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